Student Offenses

Defending Students on Drunk Driving and Other Charges

If you are convicted for drunk driving or other criminal offenses will cause serious problems for anybody, but college or university students face an additional set of consequences: problems with the academic authorities on campus and damage to future career options. For reliable advice and skilled representation with both immediate and long-range problems of drunk driving or other criminal charges, contact a skilled Greensboro criminal defense attorney. Contact attorney Jim Kimel today.

We represent students from the University of NC Greensboro (UNCG) and NC A & T as well as Guildford Tech, Guilford College and Greensboro College. on such criminal charges as:

  •  Misdemeanor, repeat offender, underage or felony drunk driving (DWI)
  •  Drug possession or distribution
  •  Marijuana charges
  •  Underage alcohol charges such as minor consumption or minor in possession
  • Fake ID or fraudulent document charges
  • Public drunkenness, obstruction of justice or disorderly conduct
  • Texting While Driving
  • Shoplifting

At UNCG and NC A & T, a first misdemeanor offense on most of these charges will not expose you to particular problems with the university authorities, but any repeat offense or arrest while on academic probation raises a serious risk of suspension. You could also face expulsion from campus housing, loss of a scholarship, or barred access to competitive study or professional programs.

Jim Kiimel knows how to handle your criminal defense while looking out for your academic interests. Jim is committed to protecting your future opportunities and access to licensed professions just as much as we're interested in resolving your criminal defense problem.

Whether your case involves drunk driving, marijuana possession, or possession of a fake ID, we can help you. Contact Jim Kimel an experienced Greensboro criminal defense attorney today.