Greensboro Criminal Law Attorney

Skilled Guilford County Defense Lawyer

I take cases in local and state, district and superior courts throughout North Carolina. As the former head district attorney for Guilford County for 14 years, I use my knowledge and understanding of the local court system to better represent your interests in the court. My experience includes representing citizens accused of:

  • Serious traffic violations — including speeding, reckless driving, driving while impaired (DWI), hit-and-run, illegal possession/consumption of alcohol or controlled substances, driving on a revoked license, and other major offenses
  • Drug violations — such as possession of marijuana, cocaine and other illegal substances; drug trafficking; possession with intent to sell or distribute; conspiracy; and maintaining a house or vehicle for drug distribution
  • Felony offenses — including murder, aggravated assault, domestic violence, embezzlement, armed robbery, burglary, rape, sex offenses and other serious crimes
  • Misdemeanors — shoplifting, trespassing, vandalism, drug offenses, larceny, assault, resisting arrest and other infractions
  • Expungement — If you have already been convicted of a past crime, I can help you clear it from your criminal record. Contact me to learn more.

While in the district attorney's office, I handled thousands of traffic and misdemeanor cases in District Court and prosecuted more than 300 jury cases in Superior Court. Since becoming a Greensboro criminal defense lawyer, I have often won non-guilty verdicts on a wide variety of misdemeanor and felony charges.

As your legal advocate, I explore every available option in the court system to avoid conviction or minimize potential penalties. I work to keep points off your driving and insurance record by having traffic offenses reduced to lesser violations. I challenge evidence obtained through questionable search and seizure and work diligently to ensure prosecutors prove their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

Experience Counts

When your future is on the line, contact an experienced Greensboro criminal law attorney. Contact my firm by calling 336-389-0079 to schedule a free initial consultation. I offer evening and weekend appointments upon request. I accept payments by cash, check, money order, debit card and credit card.